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Dense Steel Grating

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Dense type steel grating, also known as heavy-duty steel grating or heavy-duty welded steel grating, refers to pressure-welded steel gratings with flat bars spaced less than 25mm apart. These gratings are manufactured using thicker and wider flat bars, specifically designed for applications that require bearing heavy loads.

Advantages: Dense type steel grating provides better lateral load-carrying capacity and shares the same aesthetic appearance and easy installation features as standard pressure-welded steel gratings. Additionally, it meets the strict requirements of certain special situations concerning the size of objects passing through or falling through. For instance, in public places with high pedestrian traffic, dense type steel grating can accommodate the demands of walking in high heels for women.

Applications: Dense type steel grating is used in places where high requirements for steel gratings are necessary, such as ships, drilling rigs, platforms, offshore working platforms, pedestrian walkways, etc., to prevent objects from falling. It is also commonly employed in high-altitude working platforms in factories and workshops to safeguard against falling objects and individuals.


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