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Hebei Biaobo Wire Mesh Products Co., Ltd. is a leading company situated in Anping International Wire Mesh Industry Base, Hebei Province. We are a large-scale production enterprise, excelling in the integration of manufacturing, processing, and sales. With a vast area spanning 14,000 square meters and a dedicated workforce of over 100 skilled professionals, we achieve a remarkable daily output of 1,800 square meters.

Our comprehensive Steel Grating Series includes a diverse range of products such as steel grating, galvanized trench drain covers, heavy-duty steel grating, serrated steel grating, composite steel grating, power plant steel grating, stainless steel grating, stair treads, press-welded steel grating, aluminum plank steel grating, curved steel grating, cold galvanized steel grating, painted steel grating, dense hole steel grating, ball joint railing, and more. These products find wide applications in various industries including petroleum, chemical plants, power plants, sewage treatment plants, garages, walkway platforms, boiler plants, maintenance plants, parking facilities, ports, electric power, transportation, steel industry, steel structure platforms, and beyond.

Our company boasts rich experience in production, engineering construction, and installation services. We take pride in providing clients with initial project budgeting and technical installation guidance, ensuring a seamless and successful project execution.

Through years of relentless research and development, Biaobo continuously introduces new and innovative products to the market. We uphold the values of technological innovation, scientific management, and a keen focus on adopting advanced production equipment. Our commitment to standardized production processes and rigorous quality control at key stages, such as raw material procurement, production management, and product testing, ensures the highest level of product quality, garnering the trust and satisfaction of our valued customers

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Meet ASTM, AS, BS, DIN, EN, GOST Standard

Design non-standard steel grating according to the sketches and drawings

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