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Heavy Duty Steel Grating

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Heavy-duty loaded steel grating, also known as heavy-duty steel grating, is specifically designed for applications that require exceptional load-bearing capacity. It is crafted with load-bearing flat steel bars of a width of 65mm or more and a thickness of 6mm or more. Crossbars are typically made from flat steel or steel bars with a diameter of 10mm/12mm. The spacing between flat steel bars is generally 40mm, while the spacing between horizontal bars is usually 50mm, with 100mm as an optional choice. The load-bearing requirement for this type of steel grating is more than 10 tons. Heavy-duty pressure-welded steel grating and heavy-duty pressure-locked steel grating are two common classifications within this category.

Heavy-duty steel grating is extensively used in locations with special load-bearing demands, including airports, highways, industrial platforms, port terminals, and other site platforms that require superior strength.

Considering the specific requirements of heavy-duty steel grating, we advise customers to inform us about the load requirements and support conditions so that we can select the most economical and appropriate specifications for their needs. The standard flat steel spacing for heavy-duty steel grating is generally 40mm, and customers can choose between 50mm and 100mm for the crossbar spacing. Commonly used models include G808/40/100, G1008/40/100, and G1208/40/100, but customization is also available according to customer requirements.


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