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Press-locked steel grating and general steel grating indeed have several differences in their manufacturing process, load-bearing capacity, and applications:

·Manufacturing Process:

Press-locked steel grating: The distortion of the flat steel is pressed into the crossbars under high pressure without the use of a welding machine.

General steel grating: Manufactured using a welding machine to weld the flat steel and crossbars together.

·Load-Bearing Capacity:

Press-locked steel grating: Generally used in heavy-duty applications due to its robust structure and high load-bearing capacity. It is suitable for areas with significant loads, such as docks, coal mines, and boiler loaders.

General steel grating: Suitable for various applications, including oil platforms, tempering platforms, trench covers, and step plates, where the load requirements are not as heavy as in heavy-duty environments.


Press-locked steel grating: Primarily used in industrial settings where heavy loads and robust performance are crucial for safety and operational efficiency.

General steel grating: Widely used in diverse fields where moderate load-bearing capacity is required. It is a cost-effective choice for applications without extremely high load demands.


Press-locked steel grating: Due to its specialized manufacturing process and higher load-bearing capacity, the production cost is generally higher compared to general steel grating.

General steel grating: Offers a more budget-friendly option for applications with less demanding load requirements.

In summary, press-locked steel grating is designed for heavy-duty and high-load environments, while general steel grating is suitable for various applications with moderate load requirements. The choice between the two depends on the specific needs and load demands of the project, as well as the budget considerations.


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