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Platform Steel Grating

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Platform steel grating is a highly versatile and widely used steel grating product that offers exceptional resistance to surface impact, particularly for those with a bar spacing of 50mm. Its robust design makes it ideal for various platforms in factories, workshops, mining, and ports. The platform steel grating is not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing and easy to install, making it a popular choice for modern construction projects.

Key Features of Platform Steel Grating:

Customization: Welded kick plates (side baffles), checkered plate guards, and connectors can be added to the perimeter based on specific requirements.

Edging Options: Different specifications of flat steel or other materials like angle steel, channel steel, or square pipe can be used for edging.

Mobility: For platforms that require frequent movement or opening, handles and hinges can be installed.

Welding Standards: The edge wrapping of the platform steel grating adheres to specific welding standards, ensuring a strong and durable structure.

Specifications of Platform Steel Grating:

Flat Steel Space: Steel gratings with a flat steel spacing of 30mm are widely used due to their exceptional resistance to surface impact.

Economic Option: A flat steel spacing of 40mm is the most economical and lightweight choice, suitable for smaller spans.

Mining Industry Solution: A flat steel spacing of 60mm and a horizontal bar spacing of 50mm are specifically designed for the mining industry, addressing issues of mineral splashing and commonly used in processing plants, transfer stations, and crushing systems.

Platform Steel Grating Material:

GB/T700 Q235 is used for both flat steel and crossbars, but alternative materials can be used as per client requirements.

Hot-rolled flat steel or hot-rolled or cold-rolled steel strip is used for the flat steel after slitting.

The serrated flat steel adopts hot-rolled flat steel or hot-rolled or cold-rolled steel strip after slitting and punching, with a minimum of 5 teeth per 100mm.

Platform steel grating is suitable for a wide range of applications, including alloys, building materials, power stations, boilers, shipbuilding, petrochemical, chemical, and general factory buildings, as well as municipal constructions. Its features include ventilation, light transmission, slip resistance, high bearing capacity, durability, ease of cleaning, and straightforward installation. With added features like welded kick plates, checkered plate guards, and connectors, the platform steel grating can be customized to meet specific project requirements, making it a versatile and modern construction product.


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