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Differences between Hot-dip Galvanizing and Cold Galvanizing

1Corrosion resistance: Hot-dip galvanizing is dozens of times more corrosion-resistant than cold galvanizing.

2Operating methods: Hot-dip galvanizing involves dipping steel into molten zinc at 450-480 degrees, while cold galvanizing is achieved through electroplating or other methods at room temperature.

3Thickness of galvanized coating: The galvanized coating of hot-dip galvanizing is much thicker than that of cold galvanizing.

4Surface smoothness: Cold galvanizing has a smoother appearance compared to hot-dip galvanizing.

5Price: Hot-dip galvanizing is more expensive than cold galvanizing.

6Single-side coating: Cold galvanizing can be applied to only one side, while hot-dip galvanizing covers the entire surface.

7Adhesion: Cold galvanizing has lower adhesion compared to hot-dip galvanizing.

8Charging standards: Hot-dip galvanizing is charged based on the thickness of the material, while most cold galvanizing is charged per square meter.

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