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Factors Affecting Welding Deformation

·Influence of heat input:

During steel grating welding, the local high-temperature heat source rapidly heats the weld zone, causing localized melting. This area expands due to heating, while the surrounding areas have relatively lower temperatures, causing constraint and resulting in elastic thermal stress. The yield strength limit of the material drops sharply at elevated temperatures, causing the thermal elastic stress to exceed the yield limit and leading to thermal compression. Upon cooling, the weld zone contracts, affected by the non-uniform thermal field in the surrounding area, causing uneven shrinkage deformation.

As a result, the weld zone exhibits tensile residual stress, while the adjacent areas experience compressive residual stress. Stainless steel steel grating welding is particularly sensitive to heat input, and controlling the size of the heat input is essential for ensuring the quality of steel grating weldments. Larger heat input can lead to greater shrinkage deformation, so it is important to use the smallest possible heat input while ensuring good weld formation.      

·Influence of weld size:

The area size of the weld seam is closely related to the bending deformation of the steel grating weldment. In addition, the location of the weld in the structure also affects the welding deformation of the stainless-steel steel grating. Asymmetric arrangement can cause bending deformation of the weldment. The closer the neutral axis of the weld section is to the weld, the smaller the bending deformation; conversely, the further the neutral axis of the weld section is from the weld, the greater the bending deformation.

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